Friday, August 18, 2017

15 Tips to Prepare for the 2017 School Year

Summer break is winding down and the new school year is almost upon us! Get your family ready with these creative tips to better prepare you for early morning bus rides, last-minute projects, and everything in between!

Practice Makes Perfect

Summer break is a time meant for staying up late, sleeping in, and tons of fun for most kids, but the school year is coming fast and that means everyone’s schedules will soon change! Help to get your child prepared with these simple changes.

  1. Implement a New Wake-up Time – Wake them up earlier each day as we get closer to classes starting.
  2. Set a Bedtime – This will allow them to wake up easier in the morning, and feel rested throughout the day.
  3. Walk Through Their Schedule – Usually during open house, you are allowed to walk through your child’s schedule and check out their locker. This can be a great way to help them feel more at ease on their first day of classes.
  4. Clean Out the Closest – The new school year is the perfect excuse to go through old clothes and clean out any that no longer fit.
  5. Ride Schedule – Discuss with your child(ren) whether they will be riding the bus, going to an after school program, or getting dropped off/picked up by a family member.

Create an Action Plan

Having an action plan can help you to be prepared ahead of time and ready to rock the school year!

  1. Calendars and Planners – Having a schedule available that the entire family can see is helpful in planning. An extra step that may be even more helpful is to discuss the upcoming week as a family.
  2. Daily Routine – Create a daily routine chart for the kiddos to follow showing the essential to-dos such as eating breakfast, doing homework, and bedtime.
  3. Manage the Menu – In order to help you stay on track throughout the week, create a weekly family dinner menu! Each family member could choose a meal for one evening each week and the rest could be filled in together.
  4. Weekly Wardrobe – At the beginning of each week, help your child(ren) pick out their outfits and hang or fold them in order so that they know what outfit is for each day.
  5. Prepare the Pantry – To make meal prepping for the school day easier, designate a pantry or cupboard space for packing lunches.
  6. Score on Storing Essentials – Store shoes, backpacks, jackets, and everything else that is essential to the school day together so that it is all in one place and easy to grab on the go. Go through everything the night before to ensure it is ready to go come morning!

Just In Case

Last-minute homework assignments and practices can come up, so check out these tips to ensure that you and your kids are ready for anything!

  1. Supply Stash – Have a stash of supplies stored away for the “just in case” moments, such as a major last-minute project, donation boxes, or simply running out of the essentials mid-year.
  2. Book Basket – Have a basket for library books that need to be returned placed near their other daily school essentials to prevent late returns or fees at the end of the school year.
  3. Mobile Caddy – To complete daily homework or major projects at home, create a mobile caddy with school supplies.
  4. Have a Back-up Plan – If you child rides the bus home and relies on a key to get into the house, make sure to have a key hidden or the garage code written somewhere that they can find it for an easy back-up plan. If they are ever to get picked up by a neighbor or family friend, have a code word that only your family knows to identify the correct person that is picking them up.

For more tips, check out Good Housekeeping’s website or

To learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters and how you can get involved, check out our Facebook page and website! From all of us here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MN, we wish you an exciting and stress-free upcoming school year!

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