Thursday, June 15, 2017

A BIG Thing You Didn’t Know About Being a Big!

Being a Big gives you the opportunity to impact a child’s life and to transform their tomorrow for the better. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota, we are always looking for people who are hoping to positively impact both a child and their community. Families and couples are always welcome to join, so why not become a BIG deal together in a child’s life today?

Unconventional Opportunities to Make a Difference

Did you know that you can become a Big in the form of an individual, a family, or a couple? You have numerous options and opportunities to impact a child’s life where it counts and you don’t have to do it alone!

Many people think that being a Big means being an individual of the same gender as the Little that is placed with them, but that is simply not the case. As a family or a couple, you are more than welcome to become a Big and share double the love and fun with your Little!

If you are interested in more information we have two information sessions each month that are commitment-free and allow you to learn more about the enrollment process and what it means to be a Big. This month's next session will be Saturday, June 24th at 9-10:30 AM. These sessions are held at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Office at 203 Cooper Ave North in St. Cloud.

Ready to become a Big deal? Check out more information here. You can also call (320) 253-1616 or email Emily at

Go Big and make a positive impact in a Little’s life today!