Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Can You Do a Lot for a Little?

For some, becoming a Big can seem like a larger commitment than they think they’re ready for. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota, we try to provide opportunities that allow potential Bigs to see if it’s the right fit for them before pledging their time. We have established a wide range of initiatives that generate interest in our programs and benefit the community and local businesses as well!


Big for a Day is a great way for companies and organizations to get involved with BBBS of Central MN. This initiative is exactly what it sounds like; adult volunteers from your company or organization get to be a Big Brother or Big Sister for a day!

What can being a Big for a day look like? In Roanoke, VA, the host of the morning show Daytime Blue Ridge volunteered to be Dymun Austin’s Big for a day. Dymun got to see what goes on behind the scenes of the show and she even got to help cook on a live cooking segment! If Big for a Day sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in, click here for more information.
Among many others, we also have programs for Big Couples, which allows a pair of two to mentor one child. Big Families allows a Big with children of their own to bring their Little to family activities so that they don’t have to choose between time with their Little or their family. Sports Buddies allows adults with a passion for sports to help build friendships and model good sportsmanship. Sports Buddies also provides interactive opportunities for sports teams or organizations to get involved with BBBS!
There are a ton more options for military, police, faith-based, or education-seeking programs–to name a few. For a full list of all the special initiatives that are available, visit our website.

As you can see, there are several other ways to get involved with BBBS aside from becoming a traditional Big. Since we have an all-time high number of kids on the waiting list, all of us at BBBS—the Littles, especially—welcome and encourage your participation in our programs, no matter what level of commitment you’re able to give!