Friday, January 27, 2017

Step Up for Mentor Month in Central Minnesota

Patrol Sergeant Tad Hoeschen of the Saint Cloud Police Department is a Big Brother at BBBS. He recently participated in a video calling Central Minnesotans to trying something new, step out of their comfort zones and become mentors.

Sergeant Hoeschen challenges men and women to help the youth of our community experience what others take for granted. Currently, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota is experiencing a shortage on Bigs and an even more substantial shortage on Big Brothers. January is Mentor Month in Minnesota. If you are considering becoming a mentor, there could not be a better time. There are countless great kids on a waiting list anticipating a Big to mentor them.

Many people shy away from mentorship because of the responsibility and time commitment. These people may not realize the commitment it takes to make a difference to a youth in the community is only about 4 hours a month. Aaron Moore has been a Big for a little over a year and says, “Listening is important and you won’t always have all the right answers. Yet, you do the best you can, and life will work itself out.”

And if you think the Littles are the only ones that gain something from this experience, you are wrong! As Bill Riner, a long time Big Brother says, “You get a lot more than you give.”

Many of these kids have been waiting months – sometimes years – to be matched with a Big. If mentorship is something you are even considering, attend one of our informational sessions. A small time commitment of four hours per month fosters the larger commitment to support a Little and give them the mentorship and spirit they need to thrive! Who knows, maybe you’ll want to take Sergeant Hoeschen’s advice and go for it!

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