Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Winter Fun with Your Little

The holiday season is almost here. Some people might dread the colder season, but there are still plenty of opportunities to have fun with your Little. Celebrate the season with some winter-themed fun:
Give Back to Your Community
Being a Big is about more than just having fun. Since it is the season of giving and giving thanks, why not give back to the community around you? One great place you and your Little can volunteer is the St. Cloud Salvation Army. Whether you have a specific talent to offer or simply an hour of your time, The Salvation Army is the place to turn your passion into action. For more information about volunteering see the Salvation Army Volunteer Opportunity page.

Build a Fire
Need a way to warm up this holiday season? Try building a fire! Unconventional yet fun, this is a great time to spend with your Little. If there is snow on the ground, you can make it even more fun by building seating around your fire pit. Stack the snow high all around your fire then pack it down and add a backrest.  Enjoy the cold with a snow bench and a warm fire and some hot chocolate.
Have an Indoor Snowball Fight
If it’s too chilly to go outside, bring the fun indoors. Have your own indoor snowball fight. Make paper balls, roll socks into a ball, sew your own snowballs. Warmer and much cleaner, indoor snowball fights can be just as fun!
Make Some Cool Winter Crafts
Winter crafts can be a ton of fun! Try your hand at igloo building (using sugar cubes, not snow) or break out the construction paper to make good old-fashioned paper snowflakes. You could even make your own snow globe to help get you in the holiday spirit! Check out more fun holiday crafts at
Make Winter Decorations
It’s cold outside, so spend the afternoon indoors making festive winter crafts. Design and create your own winter wreath and decorate them with ornaments. Freeze your favorite winter objects in a layer of ice to decorate the outdoors with ice ornaments. Crafting ideas are endless in the winter. Think about your Little’s favorite activities and check Pinterest for more ideas.

This Holiday season can be a ton of fun! Get out and enjoy them! Make the most of the time with your Little this holiday season. For more tips and winter activities, check the Big Brothers Big Sisters Facebook page.

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