Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Becoming a Big: Aaron’s Experience

Big Brothers Big Sisters believes that inherent in every child is the ability to succeed and thrive in life. The mission of BBBS is to make meaningful, professionally supported matches between caring mentors and children ages 5 through 16.

The enrollment process of becoming a Big includes four steps. The first step is attending the informational session at BBBS and learning what becoming a Big is all about. After your informational session, you complete an online application, an in-person interview, and a background check.

Currently, Big Brothers Big Sisters is at 111 kids waiting to be matched with a big - an all-time high. Aaron Moore shares his experience as a Big in hopes that you can decrease the list of kids waiting for a mentor.

Aaron applied to become a Big in November 2015 and has been matched with his Little Brother since February 2016. He describes being a Big as “essentially being a positive role model for a child. It’s about providing input when they seek answers and about leading them down a positive path when they walk the wrong way.”

“When becoming a Big, you sit in an interview to discover your likes and dislikes. My Little and I were paired after the team at BBBS looked through all our information,” says Aaron.

Moore states, “We are both very active. We like to play tag, catch, and we even create our own games to play. We also enjoy participating in BBBS sponsored events like the one at AirMaxx.”

The mentoring program at BBBS provides support to its matches by offers monthly activities and supplying donated tickets to attend sporting events.

“It comes to be around 4 hours a month”, says Moore, “I see my Little once a week during the school year. We communicate and participate in events during the summer.” Spending time with his Little involves working around his own schedule and that of his Little to find a time that works for them both.

Aaron said his favorite part about being a Big is that “it allows me to witness how things may have been if I continued my pursuit of a career working with children. My first major was Elementary Education, but my plans changed. Luckily, I got involved with BBBS, and I get to experience what life may have been like.”

Through the BBBS program, Aaron said he has learned to have patience. It has also taught him, “Listening is important and you won’t always have the right answers. Yet, you do the best you can, and life will work itself out.”

If you are wondering whether becoming a Big is right for you, attend one of our Informational Sessions to learn what becoming a Big is all about. Aaron said if you are on the fence about become a Big you should, “Take time to decide if this is something you can commit to. These kids have been waiting months, sometimes years, to be matched with a Big. The time commitment is short, but the commitment you make to support your Little is so much greater.”

For more information on becoming a Big visit our website Big Brother Big Sisters of Central MN.

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