Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It’s Time to Man Up, Minnesota!

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we have an unfortunate problem that nearly 70% of the children on our waiting list are boys who typically wait an average of 304 days before receiving a Big Brother. We have recently launched Man Up Minnesota to give men a fun and easy opportunity to help strengthen our community by providing boys with long-term, quality mentoring that is proven to help kids who face adversity.

Jackie, the executive director of BBBS shared why they decide to do a "Man Up" campaign versus a standard recruitment campaign. “The timing was right,” says Jackie. “January is mentoring month.” We have reached out to other BBBS organizations in the country who have done similar campaigns with good results. “Our donors, committees, and board,” says Jackie, “have been asking us for something bold and aggressive to match more boys in a more favorable timeframe.” The Big Brothers Big Sisters Program is a community asset and solution when we can match mentors with kids. When we can’t do that, we fail for our community.

BBBS recruiter Rachel gave her hopes of what this campaign will bring:

Other than challenging people to do something that may be uncomfortable for them, I think that this campaign has the opportunity to build beautiful partnerships in the community. I think highlighting partnerships that we have is very important for our community to grow together. We are not only asking of people's time, but for people to help identify those who would become a great mentor. It is an all-around feel good campaign. We do hope to see numbers continue to rise after the campaign. We hope to see a young boy's life change because we were able to find him a mentor.
Rachel believes the community has received the campaign very well. “I think people see our heart behind Man Up,” she says. “We don't have a specific definition of a man or trying to tell men how to be men. We are simply asking for them to stand up and take a young man under their wing, to share life experiences and to give advice when needed.”

It is so important for people to share life together. The Central MN community has such a giving heart that they can recognize and want to help fulfill that need. Learn more about this campaign and help us make a difference in a young man’s life by becoming a big brother. Man Up Minnesota!

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