Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What to do in Willful Weather: Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

Being an active Big can sometimes be difficult. Everyday life can get very busy, and planning fun activities for you and your Little is sometimes difficult- especially if your plans are ruined by bad weather. Let’s face it, watching movies on rainy days gets dull and isn’t the best use of time spent with your Little. Are you looking for some fun activities to do inside on a rainy day? There are endless activities that you can do when the weather is too wet or cold to be outside. Here is a short list of 7 different things you can do to pass the time on an unexpected rainy day with your Little:

1. Minute To Win It is a fun and competitive way to keep kids busy and away from the TV on a rainy day.

2. Build something together. Don’t have Legos Lincoln Logs, or building blocks? Get creative- try using toothpicks and marshmallows, straws, or any other potential building material around the house.

3. Ring Toss - Make your own indoor ring toss game. All you need is a few paper plates (with the center cut out), an empty paper towel tube, and some tape.

4. Glow Jars - Using glass jars and a couple glow sticks, turn an ordinary jar into one that glows in the dark. (Wear gloves when handling the glow sticks, and keep a close eye on your Little).

5. Learn with your Little! There are countless rainy-day science experiments- we recommend making your own bouncing polymer balls!

6.Make some simple marshmallow shooters and have an indoor marshmallow war! all you need is a paper cup, a balloon, and (of course) some marshmallows. be sure to supply extras, as more than a few are likely to get eaten.

7.With a little extra planning, make a terrarium with your Little. It may be gray outside, but it always green inside a moss terrarium.

These are just a few of the many things you and your Littles can do on a rainy day to pull yourselves away from electronic devices. Try out a few of these activities, or check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration. For more information and the latest BBBS news, visit us at

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