Monday, March 9, 2015

What it Means to be a Mentor

Who is a Big?
Thinking about becoming a Big, but not really sure what it would involve? The basic role for any Big is to be a role model in the life of their Little. Bigs are available to add some extra security and dependability in the life of a Little. Being an active part in the life of a Little helps the process of growing up for children in need of a boost.  A good Big is there to set an example of how to embrace life and do their best.
What a Successful Big Does
  • Put the child’s well-being and safety first
  • Take the time to build a friendship
  • Are consistent and dependable- spend time with their Little regularly and keep their word.
  • Recognize the importance of the friendship
  • Focus on having fun with the child but can also set boundaries and limits
  • Identify the strengths of the child and help them to build them up
  • Acknowledge that positive impact on the child comes after the relationship is built
  • Realize that no friendship is perfect all the time
  • Work as a partner with BBBS and the parent of the Little
  • Utilize BBBS staff as a resource for navigating any difficulties or expressing concerns
How Being a Big Affects the Little
Being a Big has a huge impact on the life of the Little. Having a mentor keeps the Little motivated to succeed. A Big should be there to help the Little with their homework or talk through a problem at school. Having a mentor also helps boost the Little’s self-esteem. They feel more important because someone is there giving them attention and being genuinely interested in their personality and their life. Having a Big can potentially be life changing for the Little.

Who is a Little?
A Little is someone who needs a little more guidance. A Little may lack a mentor in his or her life, which is where Big Brothers Big Sisters comes in! We help make mentor matches with Littles and build lasting relationships to help the community. If you are interested in helping the community or mentoring a child, visit our website to learn more about becoming a Big.


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