Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Becoming a Big

By: Colin Pampuch

My name is Colin Pampuch.  I was a Little growing up and I decided that it would be a good idea to pay my dues and become a Big. People always ask what being a Big entails. So, I decided to write a blog about exactly that.

Before you can become a Big you must attend a meeting that explains the program and guidelines This will help you decide if being a Big is right for you. The next step is deciding the right program for you. The community-based program allows you to spend time with your Little outside of their school hours and the school-based program allows you to visit your Little during school hours. After you make a decision, an employee of Big Brothers Big Sisters will meet with you to decide which Little will be the best match for you. Matching a Big with a Little doesn't happen over night. This part of the process can take awhile. Once you are matched, you are able to meet the Little and their parent(s) at Big Brothers Big Sisters with your match support coordinator. After this meeting you will finally decide if this Little is the right match for you. If so, then you are officially matched! You  can begin your journey as a Big.

As a Big I am able to help someone in need but my Little is also helping me. I have grown a lot since I started my journey as a Big. For me, hanging out with your Little is like hanging out with a younger sibling. Being a Big is fun but it does require responsibility. You have to make sure they do not get hurt, make sure they are not put in harm’s way, just as if they were your Little Brother.

I am a second generation Big and I am glad that I decided to carry on the torch. I know that being a Little helped me tremendously. If it wasn’t for my Big I don't know where I would be today. Being a Big is a lot of fun and it gives you the opportunity to make a difference. If you think being a Big is right for you, contact Big Brothers Big Sisters today! We are located at 15 6th Ave N, Saint Cloud, MN 56303 or visit our website.

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